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We specialize in designing and producing accessories for mobile devices, whether cases for your smart phone and tablet, or electronics for powering them, or highest quality portable audio. You tell us what you need, and we take it from there, from an idea to a finished and shipped product. 

Comp USA

​Once the world's largest retailer of computer products


When Comp USA was the largest computer and computer accessory chain in the world, our team handled the sourcing of all their Comp USA branded products. The dream was to produce high quality products that would rival the quality of leading market brands, but be available to Comp USA at factory rather than distributor pricing. Our team had the privilege to work alongside some of retail’s most talented buyers and designers to come up with the right products. The result: a stunning increase in Comp USA profits. 


Callaway Golf

A foray into the sporting world


When one of the largest golf brands approached us to handle accessories for their newly acquired Golf GPS line, we were a little intimidated (being lousy golfers). But after meeting the team, we realized why they had chosen to go with a niche electronics sourcing company over their in-house team. They preferred to stay focused on golf clubs, their core business and passion. And our passion is mobile accessories. We took on the challenge head on and were delighted with the results, having come up with a distinctive line of high end cases and mounting systems!

Portable Audio

​Making hi-fi Mobile


After listening to and playing with a Jambox, we liked the product but were immediately analyzing how to improve upon it and make it less expensive, and come up with our own bluetooth speaker. We increased the output wattage of the speakers to create louder and more dynamic sound. We made a more rugged case. We improved upon the noise cancellation and echo reduction of the built in microphone, to allow for true conference call quality. We now have what we are proud to call the finest portable bluetooth speaker on the market.


​Lighted Keyboard for typing students


BrightFingers had some amazing software for teaching kids to type by using LED backlit and color coded keys on a keyboard. The dream was to bring the heretofore non-existent lighted keyboard to life.  Our team had previously been involved with developing the original EL lighted keyboard back in the 90's, so were a natural fit. The result: a stunning LED backlit keyboard for BrightFingers, a lot of happy teachers and students, and a successful BrightFingers organization which is about to storm the educational world!